Re-Connecting Cultures

I visited America when I was in sixth grade. In 2006 my dad and I traveled along the west coast of the United States. Five years later I decided to come to the USA again with a different purpose, to attend high school at Hillcrest Academy in Fergus Falls. 

Jason You is a senior leader in the dormitory and facilitates the Korean worship services at Hillcrest Academy.

I love Fergus Falls. The quiet streets are covered with trees, and the beautiful lakes are very pleasant. There are over 20 million people in Seoul, South Korea, where I currently live. It is very busy; the population and commuters make the streets incredibly chaotic. Most people live in apartments, which I think is distracting, as many people don’t have privacy. 

People in Seoul don’t spend much time with their families, or even spend time in quietness, because they are too busy. In Fergus Falls I have noticed people spend more time together and talk more with each other. During my time at Hillcrest I have learned that I should build my relationships with people rather than focus completely on my work.

Hillcrest has many students from different nations. There have been approximately twenty Koreans attending Hillcrest for the past few years. A special development for the Koreans in Hillcrest is Korean devotions. Every Saturday the Korean students meet in the chapel to encourage each other in spiritual growth. We use this time to share the words of God, to talk about our story, and to grow up spiritually. We sing worship songs and share prayer requests after we have a devotional from the Bible. Korean devotions are important because it is the only time we can talk about serious topics that impact us as Koreans.  

I met many good people in Hillcrest, but if someone asked me about a special thing from Hillcrest that I will miss, I will say the Koreans. It has been such a good time for me; sharing burdens  and difficult challenges that are going on inside of me that only fellow Koreans can understand.