Bo Anderson Share Incredible Talent

A prodigy is a young person who is unusually talented in some way. Bo Anderson, a part-time seventh grader at Hillcrest, is a musician prodigy. 

Last week Bo played a short concert for the Hillcrest student body. His performance was nothing short of amazing. With his various genres of songs he showed the student body his amazing skill with the accordion. 

Although he started playing when he was four years old, his love of music started even before that. It was at age 2 when his love of music first started. His mom would give him different instruments to play around with, like maracas and a recorder, and he greatly enjoyed them. But it was at a long gone music store in downtown Fergus Falls where Bo truly found his musical love, the accordion. 

The music store had an accordian on display that Bo could touch and play. Although it was much too big for him at the time, he had fun pushing the bellows back and forth, listening to the distinct sound from the old time instrument. His moments in the store proved the accordian his favorite instrument. 

Now, Bo enjoys playing the accordian, picking out different songs and playing them by ear. Bo simply listens to a song a few times, and will start playing it. He uses no music, and still remembers and plays his vast repertoire, recalling many of the first songs he learned like Yankee Doodle and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Bo not only plays the accordion, but also the piano, organ, and guitar. At the local theater, The Center for the Arts, Bo occasionally plays the ominous Wurlitzer pipe organ. Performing periodic concerts on the working antique organ, he comments that he really enjoys playing the diverse instrument as it offers a different style of music that he doesn’t normally get to play. 

Bo likes to do other things besides just music. He really enjoys building LEGOs, swimming, biking, and other outdoor activities. He has also recently discovered Garageband, and enjoys mixing and recording his own tracks, and making cool songs. It is just another way for him to express himself through music.

Bo has really enjoyed the gift of music that God has blessed him with. Although he feels he doesn’t always do the best in school, he is very glad that God has given him music as a definitive talent in which he can excel.  

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