Knowledge Bowl Secures Two Spots in Top 5

Hillcrest's Knowledge Bowl team brought home two places in the top 5 of their recent 21 team competition. The upper-class group beat bigger schools, including the Fergus Fall High School and Barnesville, in their solid showing on January 20th. The group looks forward to another competitive year in displaying their hard work in the classroom through academic competition. 

The two Hillcrest teams compete in practice throughout the week, with many of the team members juggling athletics, church, and work. During the January 20th meet the two Hillcrest upper-class teams jockeyed for position in the top 3. 

After the initial test, Hillcrest team 2, consisting of Hans Holzner, Thomas Martinson, Sam Isaac, Reggie Undseth, and Daniel Preston, scored seventeen points in the oral round. The group displayed character as they admitted to an error in which the competition reader misunderstood an answer and awarded the team a point. Correcting the error, the reader deducted the point from the group, which may have moved them above Hillcrest's team 1 at the end of the day.

Hillcrest's team 1, consisting of Luke Jennen, Lucas Holzner, Matthew Lien, Jonathan Eckhardt, and Ellen Jacobs, started the day slowly in the spoken rounds of the competition. Consistent scores and a strong presence from all team members enabled them to move above Hillcrest's team 2 at the end of the day, winning by a mere 2 points.

Hillcrest's Freshman team, with Zak Zwiers, Shantanu Mallick, Eric Konynenbelt, Sam Ihrke, and Alexis Tungseth, had a great day as well. Their 11th place finish demonstrated the strength of Hillcrest's academic program and the ability for Hillcrest to remain a contender as the younger class gains experience and knowledge to compete at the high school level.

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