Lady Comets Upset Arrows at Ashby Homecoming

The Lady Comets showed up in a big way Monday night. A 5 game set played in front of a packed gym of Comet fans at Ashby's homecoming placed an exclaimation point on the Comet's volleyball season. 

The match started with a seesaw set. Volleys by Hillcrest and Ashby bolstered the Comets who were playing at a new level in front of Ashby's homecoming crowd. Looking into the audience the Comets noticed fans from Fergus Falls cheering them on. The excitement forged the Comets, who were playing together in a new way. For every Arrow setup the Comets had two defenders ready, leaping to redirect and block kills by the Arrows. The first set ended with Hillcrest on top 27-25. 

The Arrows dug in as the second set started. Vengence on the face of Ashby's girls created a new feel in the game as Hillcrest started on their heels. The second set was quick and orderly. The Arrows went in, took care of business, and switched benches with the Comets by setting them down in a 12-25 statement.

The third set followed suit for the Arrows. Doubling the Comets' kills, Ashby attacked the net and set the Comets down in a 10-25 match. As the Comets pulled together on their bench there was a sense of resolve for the team. They have been in this situation before. The Comet season is a story in sprouts of success squelched by opposing teams' ability to communicate and dominate. The Lady Comets determined their story was about to change.

The third match brought a new resolve to the Comet attackers. Midcourt huddles saw Comets smiling and encouraging. Their demeanor shifted from personal responsiblity to teamwork and communication. Scrappy defense replaced backpeddling in the Comet back row. Hillcrest's defenders sprinted to the net to redirect kills, providing a solid defensive effort that carried the Comets to a 25-21 victory.

With the sets tied at two, Hillcrest and Ashby setout for the 15 point deciding match. The fifth game was new territory for the Arrows, who showed fatigue. Routine plays turned into mistakes for the Arrows as the Lady Comets displayed mettle in their approach. After overcoming sets 2 and 3 where Hillcrest failed to receive serves and finish kills, Hillcrest took to game 5 with a focus on fundamentals. Good passing and strong defense enabled the Comets to walk away with a 15-13 victory.

Hillcrest looks to build on their exciting win in Ashby, playing Brandon-Evansville tonight at 7:15pm.

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