Susana Looks To Year of Basketball with Faith-based Perspective

"Basketball doesn't define me. I'm defined by something much greater."


In stepping on the court, Susana tried something new when she joined the Basketball team in 2010. She impressed many with her natural ability to handle the ball and make shots. After a lot of encouragement from her dad, Coach Preston, she took the next step in her basketball career. It was time to try out for a more advanced team. “It was so nerve wracking, but still exciting.” Hoping to at least make JV, she never thought she would hear the news that she made varsity. Susana Preston became the team’s newest point-guard when she was in eighth grade.

“Basketball doesn’t define me. I’m defined by something much greater.”

“It’s a lot less stressful now, cause i’m used to playing on the team,” said Susana as she thought back to her Junior High days on Varsity. Prayers and devotionals are pre-game traditions that keep the game of basketball in perspective, helping calm nerves and remind Susana to play for God’s glory.

“Playing basketball put things in perspective,” Susana continued, revealing that winning and losing aren't the most important things to her. Fans visiting the gym during practice will see a hustling young point guard who works hard for her team and refuses to quit. Diligence, teamwork, and the importance of standing together are lessons Susana feels she has learned best through Basketball.

Sara JennenComment