Jr. High Knowledge Bowl Earns Distinction in Final Meet

Hillcrest Knowledge Bowl is known to leave meets with hardware. After a difficult day in their final meet, it didn't look like the Comets would carry anything home. But their competitive spirit showed through their inability to win the meet, revealing the teams' character as they earned a prestigious award as the day closed.  

The 8th grade team leapt out of the gates, starting the day in 3rd place after the written round. Juliana Undseth, Sydney Batzlaff, Molly McGuire, Thomas Zweirs, and Carter Mitchell left the team tables to enter the oral round with a sense that they would perform well in the meet. However, after a difficult oral round they bumped back to 5th place, where they hung around for the remainder of the day, finishing in 6th after a challenging series of questions.

The 7th grade team remained consistent for much of the day. Jonathan Nordlund, Teryn Bosek, Micah Foss, Wyatt Gilbertson, Zeke Ihrke, and Eli Hestenes left the team tables in 7th place. As they entered the oral round they bumped back to 8th place, where they finished the day following the 4 oral rounds. 

As the awards passed around to various teams Hillcrest cheered their competitors' success. Their name interrupted their clapping as the team walked to the podium to receive the Excellence in English award, earned for their ability to show dominance with specific questions relating to the subject of English. 

Tuesday's meet is the final meet for the Junior High Knowledge Bowl team. They finished the season with a distinguished award and reenter the classroom with a new passion to learn, looking forward to next year's competitions as high school students.

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