Persecuted Christians Unable to Find Home in Country Founded By Christian Refugees

Christian refugees have no home. Christian men, women, and children's lives are being wrenched away before their eyes. Their houses burst into flames. Their neighbors disappear. Their family is tortured all because they believe Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. Thousands of persecuted Christians are fleeing the turmoil in Syria in an attempt to save their lives. But they have nowhere to go. 

Turkey is the immediate getaway country for any Syrian refugee. Its connecting borders make an easy escape for citizens hiding from the wrath of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Turkey is home to over 1.7 million Syrian refugees today according to the United Nations Refugee Agency. But Syrian Christians are not safe to practice their faith in Islamic-based Turkey. Because of the rush of immigrants, refugees dart the landscape of Turkey's borders in large refugee camps. Syrian Christians fear going to the relief camps, "because (of) who is going to the camps," says Sleiman Saikali, program officer for the U.S. Bishops' Relief and Development Agency. Saikali told the National Catholic Reporter that Fundamentalist Muslims occupy the relief camps and threaten Christians in similar ways to Muslim extremists in Syria. This foreboding cataclysm causes Syrian Christians to live in a continual state of limbo. 

Christians looked to Europe to open its borders and secure the stranded families. 12 European countries currently allow refugees sanctuary, according to But when havoc spilled in the streets of France, the continent was rocked. The borders of France, Austria, Hungary, and Holland immediately shut down. England's The Daily Mail reported Germany forcibly reinstating a mandatory passport and background check on all immigrants for the first time in 20 years. 

Many believe a culture and history of Christianity is being wiped off the planet before our eyes. Syria holds some of the oldest churches and longest lineages of Christian converts in the world today. It is becoming clear that if these faithful servants of the Lord are forced to survive in the Middle East any longer they will perish.

In a last attempt the Christian refugees look to the United States. Recent reports from The State Department show only 1 Christian Syrian has found asylum in the United States since the Paris attack. The United States has allowed 383 Syrians across the border in the same time span. 10% of Syria is reportedly Christian, and President Obama looks to grant asylum to 10,000 Syrians in 2016, with no special attention paid to their religious preference. Released reports say 6 of the 674 refugees that have been granted asylum as part of the 10,000 are Christian.

As the world searches for special interest groups to support, Syrian Christians are huddling under trees in fear of extremist attacks. They're leaving their home country in droves in an effort to continue practicing their faith. With secular governments treating religion like a plague, the push against Syrian Christians is rising like a tidal wave that is growing to a tsunami as it nears the shores of the United States, a country founded on the backs of Christian converts seeking asylum to practice their faith without persecution.

Alyssa Shilson3 Comments