Hillcrest Comets Beat Oak Grove Grovers 57-46

The Hillcrest Comets faced-off against the 3rd ranked team in class A in North Dakota Saturday night. The Oak Grove Grovers are on the same path as the Comets, both teams fighting for position and using the reqular season to gear-up for playoffs.

As the game started the Grovers displayed the reason they're number 3 in North Dakota. The fast paced game drew fans in, who could not afford to look away for fear of missing an 8 point run. The Comets provided a stiff opponent for the Grovers' quick-strike offense, using their scrappy defense to shut-down the Grovers, who average 72 points per game.

Following a nail-biting first half, fans knew the game would be close. Trading baskets with the Grovers, the Comets surged late in the fourth quarter using strong defensive stands to neutralize the Grovers. As time expired on the clock the Comets saw a ten point lead emerge, with some players looking to the score board for the first time amid their hard work defensively.

The Comets held the Grovers to 47 points. Some players said it was their best defensive night of the season. Oak Grove's consistent leading scorer, Carter Kretchman, was bottled-up by the Comet defense, contributing 7 points on the night.

Jake Isaac led the Comets with 27 points, shooting 12-of-15 from the floor. Chris Tungseth contributed 18 points and 9 assists. Evan Malmstrom hit 2 three pointers, adding 6 points to the Comet total. The Comets shot 23-of-51 from the floor, and shot 8-20 from the 3 point line. 

The Comets have won 5 straight, and play Parkers Prairie on Monday. Parkers is one of the two teams the Comets have lost to this season.