Norwegians Visit Horse Ranch and Find American Flavor

Spurs clanged like bells against a hay dusted floor at the Red Horse Ranch Tuesday morning. Members of the Minnesota State Community and Technical College's Equine Science program led horses past Hillcrest's Danielsen students soaking in a part of America they haven't seen.

The clap of hooves echoed through the stalls as David Gilbertson educated Hillcrest's students from Bergen, Norway with a crash course in Equine science. Gilbertson, owner of Gilbertson Forge, is a ferrier who cares for the horses and instructs in the college Equine program. He led what students said is the most interesting part of the tour. He shared details in horse anatomy that aren't covered in high school text books. Pointing to parts of the hoof as he trimmed, Gilbertson drew reference to the horse's design and how good horse trimming is essential for the health of the horse. 

The students participated in the field trip under the direction of Joyce Bruns. Bruns facilitates intercultural experiences for the Danielsen students while they attend Hillcrest Academy. The group is planning to attend a spring play at M-State in the spring, a Syttende Mai parade in Minneapolis in May, and a visit a series local churches before they travel home to Norway at the close of the school year.

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