Comets Sweep-in Medals at Knowledge Bowl Meet

A legacy is forming for Hillcrest's Knowledge Bowl team. As Hans Holzner approached the front of the room to receive his medal he did so projecting a line of success that is likely to follow Hillcrest for years to come. All three Hillcrest squads will move-on to the sub-section round, a significant feat as Hillcrest took 3 of the top 6 places to earn the trip.

Hillcrest started out the day with their top squad ranking 3rd against the 53 team backdrop. 16 schools brought the best and brightest to the meet, with Hillcrest providing 3 teams of its own. Following the first round, Hillcrest's top team earned 12 points and moved into fourth place. Over the next three rounds they mustered enough points to move beyond teams from Park Christian, Hancock, Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley, and another Hillcrest team to take 1st place over the entire competition. 

As Hans Holzner, Reggie Undseth, Thomas Martinson, Sam Isaac, and Ellen Jacobs sat down with their first place medals, Hillcrest's other teams were preparing to rise. Luke Jennen, Jonathan Eckhardt, Matthew Lein, Lucas Holzner, and Daniel Preston took to the podium next as they gathered their fourth place medals. They were passed by Hillcrest's 1st place team in the third round and passed the baton to the underclassmen who are fearlessly representing their school.

Hillcrest's 6th place team, consisting of Zak Zweirs, Eric Konynenbelt, Shantanu Mallick, Danny Isaac, and Sam Ihrke organized an amazing third round. Scoring an unprecedented 20 points, the freshman team moved into the sixth place spot and beat Wheaton with a tie-breaker to earn a seat at the regional meet on March 24 at Life church.

The Comets have pulled together a number of incredible performances at Knowledge Bowl meets this year. Earlier competitions in large school divisions have prepared students to compete with confidence in the smaller school divisions. Students are looking forward to the opportunity of representing Hillcrest in the state meet on April 9 and 10 at Cragun's Resort.

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