Choir Tour Closes with Home Concert Testimonies in Celebration

Kara Nash gingerly walked to the front of Hope church's sanctuary in Everett, Washington. After singing with Hillcrest Academy's Jazz Choir, Nash now stood before an audience of Hillcrest supporters to share the impact a personal relationship with Jesus has had in her life. 


Nash traveled through the Pacific-Northwest, sharing in song and testimony, as part of Hillcrest's Choir Tour. The tour is an annual tradition at Hillcrest, continuing through nearly seventy-five years of students who travel across the United States visiting churches and landmarks. Students are known to pass time with on-bus talent shows and impromptu singspirations led by students armed with guitars and a seat to hit in time with the beat of songs.

Nash will join fellow senior J.K. Lee to share testimonies of God's faithfulness, at their home concert. The testimonies will mark transitions in the concert, that will feature Hillcrest's Easter Concert, with songs from Africa, early America, and Europe with Latin and early church genres presented.

Hillcrest is titling the concert a Song and Testimony Celebration. Many of the stories  haven't been heard by the public. The celebration will occur on Sunday, April 19 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Brethren Church, beginning at 6pm with an ice cream social to follow. 

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