McGuire's 4 hits Pairs with Christenson's Free Trips to Beat Warriors

Sean McGuire strung-out 4 hits, and Jared Christenson walked to first base 3 times, as the Comets overcame a see-saw battle with Wheaton in an 8-5 victory on Monday night.

Following a quick 3-0 deficit in the first inning, the Comet bench grabbed the chain-link fence in the dugout for the second. A Jared Christenson double to start off the inning placed the senior on third base following a groundout. Playing small-ball, the Comets executed a squeeze play to perfection, with Jordan Foss gently laying a hard pitch in front of home plate, where the Warriors elected to fire at Foss and watch Christenson waltz in and break-up the shutout. 

The Comets continued playing good baseball as Collin Erickson's keen eye placed him at first base, a Reggie Undseth single moved Erickson to second. A well-placed base hit by McGuire drove Erickson home capping the 3rd inning's scoring with a Warrior lead of 3-2.

An uneventful 4th inning led the Comets to take their first lead of the game entering the top-half of the 5th. McGuire led off the inning with a double. A walk to Christenson and a bunt single by Chris Tungseth loaded the bases with no one out. Foss executed his second masterful squeeze of the day, tying the game at 3. With runners at second and third, Senior Jonathan Eckhardt provided an RBI grounder to score Christenson for the Comet lead, 4-3. 

Following a Wheaton answer in the bottom of the 5th, Hillcrest immediately attacked in the sixth. Following a pair of outs, Evan Malmstrom reached base on a fielder's choice and moved to 2nd on a balk. McGuire's second double of the game tied the score at 5. Christenson's third walk, the second intentional free trip for his afternoon, gave McGuire a useful distraction to exploit on the basepath. McGuire played to Wheaton's compromised focus, stealing third and sliding into home, giving the Comets a 6-5 lead that they built on in the 7th frame, following a sacrifice fly by Reggie Undseth and an RBI basehit by McGuire.

The Comets are 4-3 in the Pheasant Confernce, 5-4 overall. They play Thursday night at 5pm at th Legion Field.