Anderson's Fundraiser Provides Support for DropBox Pastor from South Korea

Students shuffled through the parking from Hillcrest, making their way to the Bethel Sanctuary for Friday chapel. As they filed into pews HIllcrest student Bo Anderson keyed-away on the Pipe Organ. Following the prelude, Marie Preston greeted the student body and shared a little bit about Bo’s mission.

Many students recognized Bo as the student who played accordion in chapel last year. During that event he shared about his God-given talent, shedding a glimpse into the background behind his incredible gift. Marie Preston's overview of the event called attention to Bo's few classes he takes in the Online Learning Lab. Adopted from South Korea, Bo has some challenges that keep him out of the traditional classroom. However, despite his obstacles, Bo has grown into a renown musician at Hillcrest.

When Bo heard about The Drop Box film, and how Brian Irvine and the rest of his team were helping Pastor Lee, he was intrigued. The film documents the story of a South Korean pastor who's son's disability opened the door to care for those cast onto the streets of South Korea.

Abortion is illegal in South Korea, so children born with deformities or disabilities are often left in the cold climate of city streets. As Pastor Lee tended to his son, born with a severe tumor that inhibited normal development, he witnessed families leaving the hospital without their disabled children. He began to care for them, receiving a moniker of caretaker for the disabled.

Young women, facing a future of medical bills for their children, would leave the deformed little ones on Pastor Lee's doorstep. The South Korean minister built a dropbox into the side of his home, with signs for weary mothers to leave the babies in the warm box, where the pastor would retrieve them following a doorbell ding when a baby is placed in the life giving cocoon. 

Bo knew full well that he could’ve been one of the children Pastor Lee found in his drop box. This surreal scenario played in Bo’s mind. He concluded that he wanted to come alongside Pastor Lee’s efforts and his family by performing a benefit concert for the students at Hillcrest.

The concert hits close to home for some Hillcrest students. A number of the students from South Korea know where Pastor Lee lives, making plans to visit the Pastor and support his ministry this summer when they return home. The concert gave all students a sense of pride, watching a classmate, considered one of the least in his birth country, raise nearly $400 from a concert to 200 high school students.

Drop Box logo.JPG

The Drop Box has had an incredible impact on many students at Hillcrest. The Understanding the Times classes took a field trip in February when the movie was in theatres, and the adminstration purchased the rights to show the film in chapel last week. Bo's work highlighted the impact of the film in a very special way. Using his gifts from God, and his passion to help, Bo was able to bring together the student body to recognize life in a special way, while also helping a pastor on the other side of the world.