Hillcrest Soccer Scores in Bunches, Ending in Football-like Score

Hillcrest's soccer team scores like American Football players. After dismantling Bemidji in the second half last week, Hillcrest soccer followed up their 3-0 win with a 14-0 scoring clinic against the Fergus Falls Otters on Tuesday, September 1.

Hillcrest scores from all over the field with many different players. Tuesday afternoon Hillcrest saw over 10 players direct the ball into the net. Quick crosses and well placed passes marked the game for Hillcrest. Eivind Fluge notably set up a few players on a number of well placed balls. Senior Danny Martinez started the scoring early after beating the Otter defense to the left goal line, receiving a precision pass from Fluge to find the back of the net. Hillcrest found the net six more times in the half, giving them a 7-0 lead as they sat in the grass at Danielsen Field, working through strategy to continue play into the second half.

Coach Rod Jensen's second half orders delivered a goal two minutes into the half when Eivind Fluge won a ball and sailed a shot past the Otters.  Later in the half Fluge was awarded a penalty kick from a teammate who was taken down in the box. Fluge skirted a shot that skimmed the grass and found the net easily, giving him a hat trick for the game. Minutes later teammate Brian Villagommes scored his hat trick goal from a leading pass by Marcus Hagen. The Comets closed the scoring with two minutes in the game on a punted ball from keeper Juan Franco that sailed behind the Otter defense and led Tommy Thompson, who touched the ball a few times before beating the Otter keeper and giving the Comets their 14th point of the game. 

Hillcrest hosts Detroit Lakes Thursday at 4pm for a conference matchup at the Danielsen Field at HIllcrest.