Snow Day Marks First Winter Wonderland for Many

Drifting, whipping, sideways blowing, frozen crystals of ice...SNOW. Canceled classes marked a significant first for a number of our international students.

A daring group of girls braved the elements and walked to The Viking for breakfast before the sun rose. Other students could be seen all over campus, making and throwing snowballs, studying the process of snow-angel and snowman formation, and sliding around on the sidewalks in their shoes. But for a few the day of firsts made them look a little unconventional in enjoying the snow day.

One male Thailand student, who shall remain nameless, was found shoveling snow outside in his socks. A dean had to yell, “Paul--put some shoes on!” That student has subsequently spent a good five hours outside. With shoes on.

Many of the American and Norwegian students are less excited about the snow, but perfectly thrilled to have the day off school. Here is the scene inside the Student Union: Blanket-swaddled students nestled around the fireplace while various board and card games are strewn on every flat surface with students huddling around. Outside, the wind howls and the snow falls intermittently. Winter has arrived at the Castle.

Dawn Synstelien1 Comment