Baking Club Unites Student Body Around Cookies and Lefse

Twenty pounds of potatoes became mountains of warm lefse nestled under clean, white dishtowels. Twenty-five loaves of French bread, kneaded and baked, cooled upon a stainless steel counter. Hundreds of gingerbread and sugar cookies, rolled, baked and decorated loaded countless trays on the table. This Sunday was the Cooking Club’s inaugural event and dozens of students participated in the floured frenzy.

Every flat surface of the kitchen and cafeteria was covered with various baking projects, and teams of students worked for hours to a loud soundtrack of classic Christmas music. Outside the high windows, snow fell steadily, adding to the coziness of the epicurean experience.

An American mom and grandma were on hand for the lefse training. This was a first for many Norwegian and domestic students. Lefse rolling, transfer and grilling is a delicate art, passed down through generations. There was much loud singing, the occasional attempt at harmony, and a lot of laughing. How fun to share culture at this blessed time of year when we celebrate the one thing that connects us more than any other--the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas from the Castle!