House of Representatives Chief of Staff Visits Government Class

Allison Myhre answered the call from Mr. Garvin to give an overview of the political process for Mr. Garvin's government class. Her work for Congressman Collin Peterson is buoyed by years of work in campaigns and working on staff for Representatives in Minnesota that spans from the Governor's office to Washington D.C..

Myhre arrived before the first bell Monday morning. As students filed in she visited with Principal Isaac, sharing her adolescent view of Hillcrest as she drove through Fergus Falls frequently growing up. Her perspective of Hillcrest resembled Disneyland, and as she walked the halls her communication of government was as enthralling for the students in Mr. Garvin's class, who hung on her stories and asked questions that filled the entire period.

Myhre described the expanse that Congressman Peterson represents. She shared stories of riding in the Congressman's personal plane, visiting flood victims and traveling to parades in an effort to listen and support the people of the Seventh District in Minnesota. 

Myhre described some of the inner workings of the political process, using the practice of gerrymandering as a visual for students to understand the importance voting plays in terms of representation in the state. Her explanation was void of partisan perspective, sharing the work of Congressman Peterson's office that works to visit the people of the Seventh District, one of the largest districts in the Union. 

Myhre told stories that drew concrete examples to explain the abstract principles that drive the political process. She shared stories from campaigns, where challengers spent nearly 7 times the 1 million dollar investment the Congressman's campaign did, yet the Congressman won. She painted pictures of what it means to represent the people of the district, sharing details of a particular school district in Minnesota that is seeking a foreign worker extension for a music teacher who is hoping to finish the year teaching grade school children to sing in northern Minnesota. 

Myhre painted a picture of public service as selfless. She told a story of a visit to a flood ravaged portion of Minnesota where she and the Congressman flew into on his personal plane. Mid-meeting the Congressman was called away, but Myhre stayed to gain a better understanding of the situation, bringing information and a better understanding of the rebuilding effort back to the Congressman who sought to help the small town fully recover. Myhre was left in the town without a car or way home. A city representative from the recovering community drove Myhre north to a small town where she met family to take her home as she completed her report for the Congressman.

Myhre also worked through more complex concepts for the students, giving a real life perspective on the structure the students are learning in their government class. As the period ended, students thought back to the start of the class, where Mr. Garvin prayed for the Congressman and Ms. Myhre, his Chief of Staff. The testament of starting the day with Christ shows a confidence that God is working through the structure of government, a Biblical principle communicated throughout Scripture, and one Mr. Garvin's students hear throughout their time in his classroom.