Comet Boys Share True Victory in Undefeated Season with Gradeschool Kids

When the game is done, the fans are gone, and the lights shut off, what was the purpose? After the adrenaline is gone and the sweat dried, what really matters? The Hillcrest boys basketball team knows what really matters. They have a deeper purpose behind their victories. Morning Son Christian School gave the Varsity boys a chance to share their teams' testimony of what real success is. The team shared what they are learning, how God is using Hillcrest Basketball to shape their lives.


As the Hillcrest Boys Varsity Basketball chant their pre-game battle cry, Morning Son students can barely stay seated. With every excited students’ bright eyes on the team, the players run to the stage to present what Hillcrest Basketball is really about.

The mic is handed from player to player as they introduce themselves to start their Chapel time. Sean McGuire explains how the team is going through the book of James for devotions. He shows how this simple practice is building a habit of turning to Scripture for teaching and correcting as a team. Sean shares how the team is unpacking what it means to tame their tongue, learning the power words have to bring life or death.

The team is learning that mere talk doesn’t produce anything, but hard work is what brings the outcomes. The trials they face on and off the court are opportunities to grow and learn. Jordan Foss tries to put into words the bond he is developing with his teammates as a result of their time in the Word before playing basketball. He starts explaining the trust and support he has with his teammates. He says it is best described as a bond between Christian brothers. He says that the main goal of Hillcrest basketball isn’t to win, but to show Christ to the other team and fans. He explains that the way they carry themselves on and off the court can bring honor to the name of Jesus, and is a testimony of what the team is focusing on.

Being coached by Mr. Preston has taught these boys, and hundreds before them, that sports isn't the ultimate goal of high school. Mr. Preston is training young men to see athletics as a tool to shape character and provide a platform to share faith. As the young students of Morning Son look up at the record breaking, undefeated Hillcrest Comets, they are hearing role models share that their goal isn’t to win, but to share Christ with others, giving the team a real victory that doesn't tarnish in a trophy case.

Sophie IversonComment