Comets Take All Spots on Winners Platform at Knowledgebowl Contest

Hillcrest knowledgebowlers give fans something to cheer for. While many might think there is little cheering, or fans, at a knowledgebowl meet, Hillcrest brings their own flare. The first place Hillcrest team dominated, beating the next school by over twenty points in a clear showing of enthusiasm.

Hillcrest's first place team, known as Hillcrest Hunter, dominated the entire meet and set a benchmark for the state. Luke Bowman, Thomas Martinson, Hans Frank-Holzner, Daniel Preston, and Jacob Steinle sat at their table for the written round and pummeled opponents. A unique energy emerged from their table as they debated and mentally wrestled over questions. The cognitive sharpening was like iron on iron, revealing a score that dumbfounded coaches and opponents alike. Their 49 points earned in the written round propelled the five Juniors to first place, which they held for the entirety of the meet. The team cruised to defeat the next opponent by 15 points and the next school by 20 points.

The second place team goes by the name Hillcrest Hazel. Their written round performance placed them in the 4th place to start the oral rounds. As Matthew Lein, Lucas Frank-Holzner, Reggie Undseth, Sam Isaac, and Nate Larson pulled-up chairs to start the oral rounds they had their eyes set on the Hunter team. Through steady performances in the second and third rounds, Huckleberry moved into third place. In the final oral round Hazel remained consistent, using their steady performance throughout the day to remain four points ahead of the next team.

The greatest excitement of the day came from Hillcrest's third place team, who moved 13 places after the oral round to take 3rd place. Hillcrest Huckleberry, consisting of Zak Zwiers, Eric Konynenbelt, Danny Isaac, Sam Ihrke, and Shantanu Mallick, started the day in 16th place with a rough start. They scored a meager 27 points in the written round, while the other top four teams scored above 42. They went on to score 14, 15, 17, and 13 points in the next four oral rounds, standing heads taller than their competition in nearly every round. When the dust settled they were standing with medals next to Fergus Falls High School's top team.

Hillcrest's fourth team didn't have as much success, but enjoyed cheering on their friends who performed well throughout the day. The fourth team, known as Hillcrest Hay, scored 57 points through all rounds of competition. The team is made up of Sami Debates, Ellen Jacobs, Ashley Jarvi, Alexis Tungseth, and Molly Dirks.

Hillcrest continues their march through the regular season, looking forward to another push at the state competition as they continue to reflect exciting things happening in Hillcrest's classrooms.