Comets Receive Awards from On-Going Art Show

"I want all of my art students to create art with their hearts, not with their brains," said Mr. Peterson, Hillcrest's art teacher. He said he expects students to have new perspectives on creating artwork as they see it. He took some of his best students to an art show this semester, and their work speaks to his goal.

On Friday, January 22nd, seven Hillcrest students went to the Roland Dille Center for the Arts at Minnesota State University in Moorhead (MSUM) to participate in the regional high school art exhibition. MSUM allowed 23 high schools to bring seven students each. 

Yearim Yang, a junior at Hillcrest, brought a drawing based on an Oreo snack box. She said that art used to be stressful for her, feeling the need to make everything perfect. She went on to say that, "Whenever I start to draw something I feel excitement," showing her attitude is changing while studying art at Hillcrest. "At MSUM, I learned many new techniques and met artists who have a lot of passion in arts. The festival gave an idea that there are so many different areas in arts."

Sherry Xiao also showed a drawing, a picture of her grandfather. Julia displayed a painting, and Sammi Debates showed a clay sculpture. Sylvia Venberg displayed a hand-made dragon sculpture. Elias Pribbenow and Kate Anderson showed digital photographs.

Each student had opportunity to experience 4 different workshops for 50 minutes each. MSUM offered different kinds of workshops, ranging frompainting techniques, to drawing, digital photography, and ceramic pottery. After all students had time in the workshops, the contest awarded cash prizes for each media category in Gaede Theater. 

Mr. Peterson had great expectation about this festival. "I know we are taking great artwork, but my greater expectation is to see how much great talent students have in our region," he said. "Also, I am sure that my students will learn invaluable art techniques from MSUM."

All students who participated Art Exhibition at Minnesota State University in Moorhead got great opportunities to encounter the new art world that they never had before. The artwork is on display at Gaede Theatre at MSUM until July 28th for public display. 

Judy KimComment