Lady Comets in Drivers Seat After Double-Header Wins

The Lady Comets are picking up speed as the season wares, revealing a team that is not only difficult to beat, but tough to get down.

In a double-header match Friday the Lady Comets were positioned to take control of the conference. Leading 3-1 going into the 7th inning, the Comets were very productive at the plate. There is a unique energy that follows Hillcrest from the field to the dugout. It may have something to do with their ace pitcher. 

Junior Nicole Dekok is known to throw heat. In her 8 innings of pitching in the first game, Dekok struck out 5 batters, making Wheaton walk to the dugout with 14 total runners left on base. When she wasn't frustrating batters, Dekok was nailing dingers to the outfield. When she tossed her glove on the bench following the Comets' win she had 2 doubles on the score sheet, going 3 for 4 from the plate. Dekok was able to let her glove rest and drink some water thanks to Megan Aasness who tore up the base path on her way to a State record in steals.