Holzner Sets Pace for Comets Eyeing State

Hans Holzner is making quick work of his track season. After finishing 32nd in the state for cross-country, Hans is taking to the track with aggression and is leading his team in a charge to state.

Holzner set a personal record Monday, running his mile in 4:45. For Hans, it was an easy day in Battle Lake. Normally he pairs with his undefeated 4X800m team to set a team tone at meets. However, with one member of the team missing, Holzner focused to her personal events and brought home gold. His mile time was good enough to make a statement for him on the first place podium. His 800m time of 2:04:24 also gave him gold as he cheered on teammates.

Holzner's remaining 4X800m team kept pace with him throughout the meet. Luke Bowman was drafting Hans for much of the day, finishing the 800m 13 seconds behind his state bound teammate. Bowman's mile time was 5:07, earning him 4th place as he clapped for his teammate wearing the gold medal.

Joining Holzner on the podium for mile was Toby Simonsen. Simonsen's 4:56 mile time was hard fought, beating Bowman to the podium, but falling prey to friendly competition in the 800m. Simonsen finished 6th to Bowman's 5th place, crossing the line one second behind Bowman and catching him after the finish to slap his hand in congratulations.

For the Lady Comets Melanie Antuna took to the podium, earning second place in the 2 mile with a 14:24 time. Antuna placed 8th in the less grueling 1 mile, crossing the line with a 6:43 time. 

The Battle Lake meet sets the stage for the Comets who are now looking forward to their sub-section and section meets, working to earn a spot in the State track meet in June.