Aasness Represents Comets in All-Star Softball Game

Megan Aasness wasn't finished with softball when her team packed up the bags and threw the bats into storage last month. Aasness was selected to Minnesota's All-Star softball team. They played a game last week and Aasness showed why she was selected as she continued to tear up the base path and score runs in representing Hillcrest.

In Megan's first at bat she practiced skills she developed in red and white. Wearing a blazing yellow jersey for her all-star team, Megan sat low in the batters box and watched pitches miss her small strike zone before she smiled in taking first base. After earning her walk she leaned back on first base and stretched her leg. She was hoping to practice a skill that earned her top honors in the state.

Timing her steps carefully, Aasness took off to second base and earned a steal, showing her prowess on the base path that earned her the steals title for both career and single season marks. She moved to third base as her fellow all-stars worked at the plate, scoring on a sac-fly. Her trip across home plate is something Comet fans remember well, scoring first in many games thanks to Megan's work in eating up extra bases.

Megan's quick feet earned her a trip to first base as a pinch runner. Even though she was doing work in the field, the all-star game grants special rules for pinch running because each team has 10 all-stars from around the state. Megan easily rounded the bases to score her second run of the game, where her team only scored 3 runs in the first game 3-3 tie.

In the second game of the all-star game double-header Megan displayed her work with the stick, sacrifice bunting 3 times to advance runners to scoring position. When she wasn't playing small ball behind the plate, Megan was in the field eating up grounders to create a host of put outs. 

Megan's Hillcrest coaches made the trip to watch her play one final time in representing Hillcrest on the diamond. The coaches weren't surprised with how she led the team, she's been doing that each season they've had her lace up cleats and jog to short stop to hold down the infield.