Students Hear The Why of History in New Way at Hillcrest

It is impossible to understand world events without the foundation of the Word of God
— Gregg Preston


With the push of a button or the click of a mouse, our eyes are filled with images of terrorism, starving refugees, and natural disasters. On Day 1 of Gregg Preston’s Global Studies class, he asked each student to tell him what threat they considered most concerning in the world today. Among those mentioned were:

-Russian intentions in the Ukraine
-Border safety and illegal immigration
-Environmental changes
-Iran using nuclear weapons
-The upcoming US election
-The assimilation of Syrian refugees in Europe

One of the most unique aspects of Hillcrest Academy is its diverse student body. Not many high schools can report having students representing over 6 countries and the richness such diversity provides. Mr. Preston’s Global Studies class alone could be a social study all by itself with students from Korea, Seattle, New Jersey, Norway, California, Washington, and Nicaragua.

The bright-eyed 16 and 17 year-olds are the ones who answered his question about world-wide concerns. They, along with all of us from every nation, sit together on this powder keg of a planet we call Home. All eyes are on our world leaders to see what will happen next as this global drama daily unfolds. We are all looking for help in interpreting the events around us as we wade through conflicting and often confusing media summaries.

Herein lies the “Why” of Christian education: Mr. Preston holds two things in his hands and raises them high so everyone in the room can see. In one hand, he holds a newspaper--a copy of the New York Times. In the other, he holds a Bible.

“It is impossible to understand world events without the foundation of the Word of God,” he says with certainty. Each young face in the room is fixed on Mr. Preston’s face with expectancy. They want answers. They want hope. They want the world they are growing up in to make sense. They need to know how to view nations that rise up against God without fear in their hearts. They need to know that Jesus foretold of perilous times filled with “wars and rumors of wars.” They need to know how to take their places in history--His Story--as it unfolds. They need to know that they were born “for such a time as this.”

The students’ 6th hour social studies class will provide a safe place to hear and analyze the world stage from an eternal perspective. In these uncertain days, one thing is certain: God is on His throne and nothing escapes His notice or disrupts His plan.

Global Studies may well prove to be the most important hour these students will spend all year.

Dawn SynstelienComment