Consumer Math

Part of the Consumer Math class curriculum at Hillcrest is a Money Management Course by Dave Ramsey. Hillcrest's newest instructor, Mrs. Smith, is focusing her students not only on the advanced aspects of mathematics, but how understanding fundamentals can redirect student's life trajectory.

Today, Mrs. Smith's class focused on stocks and bonds and money markets. Students talked about high and low risk investments and discussed what makes for bullish or bearish markets.

“Why do this to teens?” you may find yourself wondering. “Why submit them to financial concerns that are beyond their years?”

Dave Ramsey says, “Money touches every area of life. In fact, 86% of teenagers say they would rather learn about money management in a class before making mistakes in the real world. However, most schools, churches and parents aren't talking to their teens about it—and the result is a generation facing more debt and financial stress than ever.”

Studies show that teens are often targeted by advertisers as consumers since they often have a higher percentage of expendable income than most adults. What do we want our students to learn about work and money as they are first experiencing these elements of adulthood? What do we want to teach them about the pitfalls of credit and debt? Is there any part of life that is not affected by money and spending? How much marital stress revolves around money? How does God expect us to conduct ourselves financially? These are all matters open to discussion in the Consumer Math class at HLA.

Students who are wise in their spending also tend to exercise restraint in other unhealthy behaviors and learn to see themselves as stewards of God’s gifts and channels that He will use to bless the people around them. Money really does matter and these are conversations we are excited to have with our students.


Dawn SynstelienComment