History Gains Perspective from Bible

Some believe studying history is a practice in learning from past mistakes. Mr. Garvin thinks it is much more than that. 

As Mr. Garvin opened his class this year students were found nose deep in the Bible. Classes around the nation hung quotes from famous and infamous men on white boards. The quotes from men gave perspective to why History is important. For Mr. Garvin, the truth in those quotes echo a Biblical Truth. History reveals what happens when men focus on Jesus Christ.

His class opened with a Biblical reading that propelled student to wrestle with God's chosen people and their careless abandonment of God. In calling Israel back, God iterated that the nation needs to remember what He has done. 

At Hillcrest, history is the discipline of studying nations that honor God, and those that don't. Those that don't hold up quotes from men as an ultimate truth, groping in the dark for guidance. Nations that honor God stand strong in both resolve and humanitarian works. 

Check out this video from his class and gain a deeper understanding at how Mr. Garvin started his class, and the path his class is on now four weeks into the school year.

Wayne StenderComment