Clark Shares Power of Mentors in Chapel

Hillcrest has reformed a lot of their time-tested practices over the past ten years. One specific enhancement is the number of staff working in the dormitory. The school has encountered various studies that show students need anywhere from 4 to 8 meaningful adult supporters in their life. In response, Hillcrest ramped up the number of dorm staff and the type of training the staff go through. There are now 14 adults who work in the dormitory. In chapel on Friday students heard the power a meaningful adult has on a growing student.

Hannah Clark is a Fergus native who is known by nearly everyone in the community. She was a standout basketball player, earning a full-ride scholarship to Iowa after she capped off her award winning senior season with the Fergus Falls Otters. What she shared Friday had little to do with what many know her from, and appears to be something that is much more of a moniker that she wears than star basketball player. 

In Hillcrest's monthly series titled Viernes Con Erick, Hillcrest dorm staff member Erick Sede interviews one staff member every Friday. Erick started by having Hannah recount her basketball experience. She spoke of fun and embarrassing times as a five-year varsity starter for the Otters. She briefly talked about the heartbreak in hearing she could no longer play Basketball at Iowa because of a back injury. But, what caused many to perk up in chapel was when she talked about her faith.

Erick asked Hannah if there was an adult who made a significant impact on her life. Hannah immediately spoke of a unique relationship she has with her aunt, Mary Dolan. Hannah spoke to the power of having someone who can simply live life alongside a teenage student. She shared funny stories, like when the two made a series of Christmas cards and sent them to random people in Fergus Falls. But the impact of Mary's influence on Hannah was most evident in the final question Erick asked Hannah. 

Erick asked Hannah to explain the Gospel as she knows it. Hannah easily spoke to the assurance of salvation she has in Jesus Christ. She noted that through Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection from the grave she has opportunity for a direct relationship with God, knowing her sins have been paid in full. She closed her Gospel explanation in saying that her salvation is a free gift of God, noting there is nothing she has done to earn her salvation. 

Hannah closed the chapel service in prayer, building a rapport with students as she enters her first year as the girls' basketball coach. The vision students have of Hannah is a Christ-follower first, basketball coach second. The powerful image is one that will likely support her team as they embark on a season of growth and maturity, likely filled with laughter and fun times as Hannah connects her relationship with students on campus to that of the close mentorship her aunt had with her.