Comet Art Students Leap from Competition to Land in Gallery

Hillcrest sent four art students to the regional Visual Art Festival coordinated by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) last week. 10 of their 11 pieces brought home a Superior or Excellent rating, showing Hillcrest’s classroom a launching pad for visual art success.

Alisabeth Boyum's Pencil Drawing

Alisabeth Boyum showed a great deal of technical ability in her pencil drawing. The shading and perspectives Alisabeth mastered in class are clearly displayed in her piece, showing a familiarity and confidence in Boyum's presentation that earned a high rank as her pieces are prepared for display in the Lakes Region Arts Council Gallery in April.

Boyum’s cohort, Di Zhou, completed a swath of pieces ranging from wire sculpture to painting. Zhou’s most impressive piece is a 3D pencil drawing of a set of office buildings. Zhou has honed an ability to see the world and document specific characteristics that anchor her pieces in reality while displaying a unique interpretation.

Sherry Xiao's Monoprint

Zhou’s fellow international art student, Sherry Xiao, took home the top prize in the field with a water color painting. What is most impressive in Xiao’s work is the modern artistic flare she presents, taking every day shapes and textures and mixing them with foreign modes. Her monoprint took the silhouette of a cartoon character and mixed in textures, shapes, and colors to make a modern blend that is uncharacteristically expressive in the modern art field for high school students. Her classroom experience at Hillcrest has afforded Xiao the opportunity to explore grounding concepts in artistic expression that make her modern take feel accessible.

Rounding out Hillcrest’s art group is Rode Eide, a student from Hillcrest’s partner in Norway, the Danielsen School. Rode showed a pencil drawing of a close friend. Paying attention to careful detail, Rode focused her sharp pencil points in the eyes of her subject, calling passerby’s to a captivating glance into the realistic gaze coming from her piece. The white space is subtly gray, with smudge strokes surrounding the piece, calling all attention to the subjects eyes. Her piece is captivating, and earned a special display following Hillcrest’s work in the art competition.

Rode Eide's Pencil Drawing

Of the 11 pieces Hillcrest carried to the art competition, only 8 will travel back to the Castle. The other three have been requested for special display in the Lake Region Arts Council's McKnight Gallery at 137 S. Mill Street. The students are invited to a special reception honoring the competitors from the Visual Art Festival on Wednesday, April 12 from 5-6pm at the McKnight Gallery.