Dominican Mission Departs with Prayers

The Dominican Mission team is traveling to visit friends Hillcrest has made over the past decade. Over the last decade God has encouraged Hillcrest in seeing our students take classroom concepts to villages darted around the small island of the Dominican Republic. Hillcrest has also watched God transform a community that was reeling in poverty to become a light in the Dominican Republic as a Christian school has been supported through a friendship God established. This friendship has seen multiple classrooms built and a water factory created, all helping the community become self-sustaining as families hear about Jesus through the Christian school.

Today, the team left the front steps of Hillcrest to greet our friends in the Dominican Republic. Prayers were said after the team collected for a final group picture in the United States. The team will arrive in the Dominican Republic tomorrow afternoon, where they will travel right away to an outreach event, sharing the Gospel story through love, open conversations, and large group Gospel presentations. We love our friends in the Dominican Republic, and are excited to see what God does in this family trip our students get to take this year. Join us in praying for the team as they look to return to our campus next Monday to give updates and share stories of how God is uniting followers of Jesus from around the world.