Students Pull All-nighter as Tour Crosses Mid-point

More sunshine followed us as we left Olympia and headed north again to the breath-taking grounds of our sister church, Hope at Silver Lake.

The students were happy to be outside and throw around a few baseballs and frisbees and simply soak up some sunshine after so much time in the bus. During our travel time we have been digging into God’s Word.

We finished up our reading in Luke after Easter and moved on to Acts. Today we read the second chapter of Acts where the Holy Spirit descended on the believers who were gathered in Jerusalem. Each day, after our quiet reading, one student gives a devotional from the book of John and another shares a testimonial and leads our group in a time of prayer. It has been so great to see the choir members take on this responsibility and leadership role--many of them stepping way outside their comfort zones to speak in front of their peers.

We talked today about the difference the Holy Spirit makes in the life of a believer. Brash Peter, so quick to make promises he cannot keep finds new courage to stand before a crowd and preach with such boldness and authority, 3000 were added to the church in one day. “That same Spirit enables us to proclaim Him still,” admonishes our manager, Todd Mathison as he encouraged the students to continue to be open to God’s leading in unusual and spontaneous ways.

This trip has been dotted with a number of firsts for many of our students: First time west, first time seeing mountains, first time eating sushi, first time stepping out in faith to minister to another. We are also very aware that it is also a “last” for many of our seniors and we are embracing each day for the richness it provides.

Tonight, after the service/concert, we will be driving through the night to Bozeman, MT. Please pray for the safety of our bus and for alertness for our drivers, Matt and David.

Dawn SynstelienComment