Staff Share Impact of Student Relationships

A simple push as boys sat around coach Gregg Preston is creating a domino-effect that will likely cast a characteristic over the 2017-18 school year. 

Gregg Preston shared what the Lord is doing through summer workouts with the Basketball team. While the guys are honing fundamentals for their upcoming basketball season some of the more significant skills are being developed on the sidelines. 

It started after one of the recent basketball get-togethers with the team. Coach Preston asked the guys what the Lord is teaching them this summer. The boys looked at each other in silence. Coach Preston offered a simple push, someone should say what God is teaching them as they are spending time in the Bible this summer.

A simple verse was stated, but little explanation given. The student had read the verse earlier that morning, but hadn't taken time to unpack the significance of God directing his thought process and actions through it. Coach Preston urged the young men to dwell on the context of the verse. After an initial pause, the silence was broken as comments flowed around the circle like popcorn popping. Some students drove deep into the relevance of the verse while others started tying in God directing their life, using the verse as a springboard. 

By the time the group was done the sweat had dried on their jerseys. Closing in prayer, the team had developed a formative habit that Coach Preston says is becoming the draw of his players back into the gym for summer workouts.

Some high school teams are preparing skills for a competitive run at the conference title. Others are using their time in the gym to trim-off weight from endless buffets visited during graduation weekend. But for Hillcrest's players, Coach Gregg Preston shared, their gathering is to share what God is doing and to drive each other deeper into relationship with Jesus Christ. 

There are many things that set Hillcrest apart from other schools. The most significant differentiator this summer appears to be what God is doing in simple pushes by Hillcrest faculty to lead young men and women to consider what God is doing in the world and in their life. 

Wayne StenderComment