Students Lead Students In Hillcrest's Halls

What could be more inspiring to Christian parents, churches, teachers, and schools than to see young people catch for themselves a passion to reach their own generation with the gospel?

There are smoldering embers I see dotting Hillcrest’s campus in these early days of this new school year. Students are conspiring together, seeking to be conduits of encouragement to their fellow classmates. They are brainstorming ways to reach out to those who are searching and hurting, to be Jesus on this campus. My office is a flurry of laughter and smiles right now, as students are putting wheels on their faith, looking to have actions to backup the change they feel Jesus is making in their hearts.

In like fashion, I have spoken with former students on college campuses scattered around the country who have begun classes this past week. Two college freshman have decorated the walls of their dorm rooms with photos of former classmates as reminders to pray for them. Many of these students don't want to lose the bond and closeness of their friendships God formed at Hillcrest, and prayer is their conduit to continued connection. I wonder if this is how Paul felt when he was writing his letters.

Other Hillcrest alumni have told me that God is granting them boldness to preach Christ on their college campuses, lead small groups and Bible studies, engage their friends in conversations of eternal significance. It's evident that what they received at graduation was a capstone of so much more than a diploma.

Oh, how this blesses my heart to see flickers of living faith, shining out in the darkest and driest places! Let’s get down on our knees and blow on these glowing coals in prayer, igniting a global wildfire of the Holy Spirit that cannot be extinguished!