Lady Comets March Back to .500 with Win over Melrose

The Lady Comets took control of their season Monday in a very aggressive game versus Melrose. In a strong statement early in the game, Hillcrest fought to maintain control as Melrose worked to push the Comets down.

Minutes into the game it was clear the Comets were fighting for something more than simply possession of the ball. Looking at their 2-3 start on the year, Hillcrest worked to out-maneuver Melrose to create open lanes of attack. Through a series of back-and-forth possessions, Mackenzie Foss won a ball and dribbled through a host of defenders to put the Comets up 1-0 early in the game, making a strong statement for the Comets' season.

Minutes before intermission, Melrose controlled the ball at midfield, working to setup an attack. With the Comets positioning their defense, attacking the ball in an effort to strike on Melrose, the Melrose midfileder slipped past the Comets' front line to put a 50 yard strike on net. The ball curved past Paige Schultz in a dazzling shot that left many Comets in awe as Melrose took the lead.

The game continued with a wearisome pace, as HIllcrest worked to continue control of the game. Through a series of crisp passes, Emma Kvalheim found a seam off a pass from Mackenzie Foss, to put the Comets back up 2-1, a score they would defend through the final whistle.

The Comets are now 3-3 entering a difficult match-up Tuesday.