Comets Unleash 46 Shots in 7-0 Shutout in Walker

It was a busy day in the net for Walker-Hakensack-Akeley (Walker) when the Comets came to town Thursday Afternoon. The Comets boarded the bus for the two hour trip shortly after lunch for their 3:30pm tip-off. Where some teams might have tight muscles and have a hard time getting going, Coach Rod Jensen had his team running from the bus to launch 46 shots on the Walker goal before the Comets boarded again with their eighth victory this season, the fifth shutout for first-time keeper Bill Bui.

Hillcrest needed to clean out a few cobwebs from their trip in the opening minutes. The first goal came after 21 minutes passed on the clock. Joar Haavik found the net in the middle of the box off a pass from Oystein Larsen. Ten minutes later the Comets saw Larsen streaking where Haavik was earlier, watching the score tick to two in their favor after Co-Captain Shantanu Mallick tapped a beautiful pass from the left touchline.

At the 57 minute mark Haavik took nearly the entire Walker team on, single-handedly weaving between defenders on his way to the net, tapping in a solid goal to put Hillcrest up 3-0. Two minutes later Hillcrest opened the flood gates, where Larsen took a pass from Simon Kandal to put the game out of reach for Walker. 

It was at the 61st minute that Nick Foss found a volley from Larsen off a corner kick to put Hillcrest up 5-0. Three minutes later Foss launched a left-footer that the Walker keeper deflected, but couldn't corral, allowing Haavik a wide-open put back. Five minutes following Foss' bullet, Larsen knocked in the final goal of the contest, though the Comets would continue with a barrage of shots from the field. 

In the 46 shots on Walker's goal, Bui only needed to make two saves to earn the shutout for Hillcrest. "There were a couple of high points in the Comet's play," noted Comet Coach Rod Jensen following the game. "The team lacked patience in their attacks, sending several balls into the box where a swarm of Wolf defenders were packed in. Outside midfielders, Shawn Mallick and Christian Svalland, did an excellent job creating several goal scoring opportunities."