Lady Comets Score 3 in Shutout to Reach .500

Parents from New Jersey to Wisconsin to Fergus Falls darted the sidelines with cell phone cameras capturing the moments of what is becoming an historic season for the Lady Comets. After starting quickly, the Lady Comets lost their top scorer and reset their season. Coach Jeremy Mueller has his ladies firing on all cylinders, and their smiles a glimpse of the results.

The Comets started a home stand this week, working to fight their way back to a .500 record as they eye a best seeding place for playoffs that Lady Comet Soccer has ever seen. When Crookston took the field, following a short program highlighting Hillcrest's senior athletes, they were met with a fierce Comet front line. 

The Comets worked to push the ball for most of the game. The back line for Hillcrest had their heels at midfield, watching the Comet forwards strike quickly and strike hard. 

Tears were nearly shed at the 10 minute mark when Maria Jennings found a crease in Crookston's defense, slipping through with a few taps of the ball, dribbling to meet the Crookston goalie. Her shot in the lower righthand corner of the net sent a swell of cheers and screams from the Comet box. Jennings ran, hands covering her mouth, to midfield as she worked to compose herself and reset for the ensuing possession. The special moment was captured with hugs at midfield as Jennings found the strike from the defensive position, scoring a rare goal from the back line that kept Senior Paige Schultz safe from Crookston defenders for most of the day.

Twenty-two minutes later Kindra Peterson scored her second goal of the day, aggressively attacking from the corner of the box to launch a hard shot into the back of the net. The Underwood Sophomore is a Captain on Hillcrest's Underwood-Hillcrest cooperative soccer program. Her leadership is strong for the lady Comets, and her aggression is contagious, continually setting the bar for her teammates to push the ball up the field and fight to win battles.

Peterson put the game out of reach when she scored her second goal of the day at the 44th minute, allowing head coach Jeremy Mueller to spread playtime around to his team as the Comets eyed a shutout victory. 

Senior Paige Schultz dazzled in the net, catching a handful of hard shots on goal that sailed over the heads of defenders. Elise Wutka and Anna Murray locked down the corners for the Comet defense as Crookston failed to get a ball into the net.

Hillcrest is now 5-5 on the season, looking forward to a promising match against Little Falls on Saturday before starting a two game road trip to Crookston and Detroit Lakes. Hillcrest closes their season October 7 with a home game against East Grand Forks, who shutout the Comets 4-0.