Knowledgebowl Starts Season with 2 in Top 10

School activities continued in Hillcrest's empty halls over the Christmas vacation. Four days after Hillcrest students boarded flights from the dormitories a handful of Comets lumbered into vans at 7am for the first knowledgebowl meet of the season in Concordia.

Hillcrest stepped up a competition rung in their first competition of the year, joining the medium sized schools division for advanced competition. Hillcrest's younger team, featuring Jack Nordick, Juliana Undseth, Carter Mitchell, and Sylvia Venberg, fought their way into the top three teams out of 32 to start the day. The younger squad posted a respectable 44 on their written test, two points out of first place. 

Hillcrest's upperclassmen team sat in the middle of the pack with a 38 in the written round. Daniel Isaac, Eric Konynenbelt, Sam Ihrke, and Zak Zwiers were looking at an uphill battle for most of the day as they started in ninth place.

The upperclassmen would go on to fight their way into the top three in the oral round, marking some of the top scoring for the day as they moved in and out of the top room, working to overcome their faltered opening steps with the lower score in the written round. 

The younger team found the oral rounds challenging, fighting to get answers in as they jumped from third place to 16th by the third round. However, a strong fourth round finish pulled the young Comets back into the top ten, helping them finish in seventh place out of 32 varsity teams.

The Comets are looking to earn a repeat bid into State competition, noting that their full team will be back together after the Christmas holidays.