Hillcrest Celebrates Heat Wave By Starting Broomball Season

The snow surrounding Hillcrest's sand volleyball court looked like a massacre of snowmen. Gloves, hats, and jackets darted the hillside. Students from South Korea joined friends from Minnesota and North Dakota in shedding winter gear Sunday night on Hillcrest's broomball court.

Each year Hillcrest converts their sandpit volleyball court into a broomball rink. Some say heros are made on the rink. Hillcrest forms teams, sometimes through a draft and other times based on geography. Teams from Norway take on teams from South Korea, Africa, and the United States. Cheers from the virtual olympics rival the geese honks calling the birds south for the winter. As the birds descend over head of Hillcrest's rink, students from southern countries build an affinity for their unique Minnesotan experience.

Students slam into each other on the broomball court. The fifty degree turn around from one week ago has students from Turks and Caicos and Nigeria sliding on the ice with friends from nordic countries who have viking blood in their veins. The unique Minnesota environment forges bonds in the student body that run deeper than the Comet mascot.

Hillcrest finds that the broomball league is a fun and unique way for students to build bonds in the exotically cold Minnesota climate. Where some students may not venture outside for a winter walk, joining together on the ice creates a love for a state some would say they never would've visited were it not for the Hillcrest experience. Their shared laughter and cheers in falling over hay bale embankments calls students to a new experience they never imagined, causing a significant imprint to be made in their memory of their Hillcrest experience.  

Karissa Wiebe and Kyle Tran stretch out on the ice after Sunday night's broomball game

Karissa Wiebe and Kyle Tran stretch out on the ice after Sunday night's broomball game

Many students came to Hillcrest for academic preparation. Others climbed to the top of the Castle chasing memories from their parents. What is clear on the broomball court is that students are making bonds around a tradition in Minnesota that is building faith, developing intellect, and through broomball, strengthening a character of love and competition that is unique.