Volleyball Gives Chills in Chapel Presentation at Morning Son

The Volleyball team boarded the bus after chapel Monday in mismatched clothes. Bringing homecoming to Morning Son Christian school the team was ready to deliver a message that gave many chills.

The girls leapt to the stage after a brief introduction from Morning Son Principal Joyce Aamot. After introducing themselves, the team jumped into a circle and started their pre-game warm up cheer that echoed in the sanctuary after students applauded the team intro. Then the sanctuary went black. The Volleyball team started singing “This Little Light of Mine,” holding flashlights that lit their chins and cast light on their faces in the dark room.

A voice came from the speakers, berating the singers. “You’re not pretty enough, you aren’t good at volleyball, you don’t deserve that grade.” After each statement a flashlight went off and the singer’s voices diminished. One by one the lights went out until only one singer was left. The remaining singer started singing louder. Her voice overcame the derogatory statements from the loudspeakers. One by one the singer’s whose lights went off after being chided turned their flashlights on, joining the singing of their teammate who belted the song over the insulting comments. The sound of the song filled the dark sanctuary, bringing to light what happens when students stand solidly on God’s identity.

Following the moving skit, Hillcrest’s Head Coach Debbie Foss united the message of the skit to the theme at Morning Son. She called for the audience to help her and the team identify 26 names and characteristics of God using each letter in the alphabet. The Hillcrest team led off. Phrases like almighty and compassionate led the way to zealous before the entire room erupted in applause at the character of God that doesn’t change.

The team invited all students and staff to attend their homecoming volleyball game Thursday at 7:15pm in the Student Activities Center. On the way out of the sanctuary the Hillcrest team lined the hallways and high fived the students who were heading back to class with an uplifting message that their identity is built solely in the identity of Jesus Christ.

Wayne Stender1 Comment