Adams Advances to Multi-Region State Spelling Bee

Seventh grad student Hope Adams is prepping for one of the most competitive rounds in spelling bee competition. After working through three preliminary rounds of competition, Adams is preparing to face a host of the regions top spellers with her sights set on the State competition.

Hope Adams was one of the top students to complete Hillcrest's Junior High written round on January 16. Adams found time to study spelling words amidst the stress of finals week at Hillcrest. She prepped for the oral round of Hillcrest's spelling bee, marked as one of the top four spellers in the Junior High.


In the oral round at Hillcrest Adams earned first place honors. Regan Wiertzema and Chris Thompson placed second and third, respectively. The achievement gave Adams two short weeks to prep for the Region Four Spelling Bee at Lakes Country Service Cooperative (LCSC) in Fergus Falls. 

Adams met 26 other students at the LCSC building on February 6. 24 schools represented at the regional competition where Adams soared to the top five spelling words like stevedores, voluminous, succulent, pitons, extravaganza, and ocelot to earn her place in the Multi-Region State Bee. Adams will face off against the top spellers from throughout the state of Minnesota at the LCSC offices on February 29.