Comets Stand Alone with Two Teams in Top Six in Knowledge Bowl Meet

When the thirty-five teams sat down to take the written test for seedings at the Concordia and Moorhead High School Knowledge Bowl Meet, Hillcrest was primed to place high in the top 10. Hillcrest has spent most of the season competing against schools three to four times larger. Of the eleven teams represented, Hillcrest was one of three that only had two squads competing, marking a difficult road to squeeze into the top ten out of the thirty-five groups competing. 

After the written round, Hillcrest was seeded in third and fourth place. Hillcrest's younger team continues to set the bar for the written round. Jack Nordick, Juliana Undseth, Yohan Jee, Carter Mitchell, and Sylvia Venberg sat ahead of their upperclassmen teammates. Zak Zwiers, Eric Konynenbelt, Danny Isaac, and Shantanu Mallick. 

The Comets faltered in their first oral round, with the younger team bumping back to seventh place and the upperclassmen steping back to fifth. The younger team remained in the second tier room in seventh place until the third oral round, where they scored sixteen points and moved past their elders in Comet colors going into the final round of competition. 

Meanwhile, the upperclassmen team remained in the top tier room of competition for the second and third rounds of oral competition before stumbling back to seventh place after a rough round of questions, staring at seventh place going into the final round.

In the final round the Comets' younger team found stiff competition in the top tier room, walking away with six points, pushing them from fourth place to sixth place against the top teams from every school. The upperclassmen in Comet colors had a stronger showing in their second tier room where they dominated, earning fifteen points to move them from seventh place to fourth. 

The top six placements, with the Comets' upperclassmen earning fourth and the younger team earning sixth, revealed Hillcrest as the only school out of the eleven represented with two teams in the top six placements. 

The Comets have their eyes set on the sub-section meet, where Hillcrest moved two teams into the regional competition last year, with both teams placing in the top three.