Comet Knowledge Bowl Carries Tradition In Looking Back to Reach Ahead

Hillcrest has an incredible tradition developing in their Knowledge Bowl program. The academic competition takes classroom learning into a trivia contest setting that unveils students and schools who are accomplishing great things in the classroom. Over the past five years Hillcrest has placed in the top teams in the area, making their way to State competition.

In 2013 Hillcrest Knowledge Bowl continually worked their way into the top rounds. Eyes of underclassmen Reggie Undseth, Thomas Martinson and Daniel Preston were on Hillcrest's upperclassmen. When it was their turn, the 2013 underclassmen rose to the occasion, taking top honors in the high school division in their final years as Hillcrest students, passing the baton of a strong program to Sam Ihrke, Zak Zwiers, Jordan Konynenbelt, Danny Isaac, and Shantanu Mallick. The five are competing now for a state berth, hoping to follow in the path paved by the Hillcrest teams who have passed the baton.

As Hillcrest's top team is reaching for a state berth, there is another group waiting in the wings, led by Jack Nordick and Juliana Undseth who have made it a goal to beat their senior counterparts in one meet this year. They were close this week when they competed in the Sub-Region meet.

Hillcrest's two teams stepped into a field crowded with nearly 20 other schools vying for the opportunity to continue their season. After the written round, Hillcrest took their place in the top ten teams. They never left the grouping, ending the competition with both teams in the top six, the places necessary to hold in moving on to the Regional competition where the top three teams will move to the finale of the State competition. 

Hillcrest's senior team is completing six years together as a knowledge bowl team. Their bond formed in Hillcrest's classrooms is now translating to a state run in their final year of knowledge bowl competition that will hold a torch of scholastic achievement high this year, set to pass to another group of budding scholars who stand primed to represent Hillcrest in academic competition for years to come.