Hillcrest Art Students Shine in Lakes Area Art Competition

Three pieces of art made by Hillcrest students will be on display in Fergus Falls after the Lakes Region Arts Council independently selected the pieces from Hillcrest's swath of high ranked pieces at the MSHSL Art competition this week.

Vision Sphere by Sylvia Venberg

Vision Sphere, by Sylvia Venberg, was a show stopper at the competition. It earned the top ranking Best in Category distinction for the drawing category. Sylvia also earned a Superior ranking for her drawing Broken Silence. Vision Sphere is one of the three pieces that will be on display from Hillcrest at the Fergus Falls gallery.

Trevor Antunya's photo Spider Dew also won a Superior rating. Antunya paired the rating with his other photography submission Cattail. Joining Antunya in the photography category was Elias Pribbenow, whose Touch of Friendship received a Superior rating, as well. Spider Dew and Touch of Friendship will be on display alongside Slyvia's Vision Sphere drawing. 

Hillcrest had a number of other students bring home the honored Superior rating from the area art competition. Kyle Tran earned a pair of Superiors with his drawing, Venom, and his painting, Maelstrom. Sylvia Venberg earned a second Superior rating with Broken Silence.

Hillcrest artists who are honing their skills and received recognition for the positive pieces were Juliana Undseth and Dylan Amundson. The two earned Excellent ratings for their pieces in the sculpture category where Undseth presented Fox & The Crow, and Amundson presented Bi-Wing Fighter.

The three pieces selected for display in Fergus Falls will be on display from March 12th-April 28th in the Lakes Region Arts Council Gallery on Lincoln Avenue in Fergus Falls. The show floor is open from 9am-5pm week days. There is a formal reception for the show on April 28th from 11am-12:30pm for all members of the community.