Hillcrest Takes 2nd Place in 60 Team Regional Math Competition

Over 480 students gathered for the Tri-College math competition at Concordia in Moorhead last week to gauge the areas top math students. The mathematics departments from Concordia College, NDSU, and MSU-Moorhead organize the regional competition each year, and over the past twelve years Hillcrest has placed a team in the top three positions. The 2018 teams looked to continue the decade of momentum Hillcrest students have built in the classroom.

Hillcrest fielded two teams in the Upper High division (grades 11-12). Danny Isaac, Brent Ferenczy, Eric Konynenbelt, Anna Murray, Elise Wutka, Helene Rod, Tina Hellem, and Peter Steinbach took second place overall in the competition for Hillcrest. Brent Ferenczy earned the second best individual score on the test, and Elise Wutka placed in the top ten. Yohann Jee scored the second highest score in the Lower High division (grades 9-10), on Hillcrest's lone team representing Hillcrest's foundational math program.

Over 40 schools from as far as Bismarck and Kittson County competed in the event. There were over sixty six-person teams that competed in the competitions at each level. Hillcrest's top honors in the competition were directed by Elizabeth Smith and Steve Doering who manage Hillcrest's math department and are advisors for Hillcrest's math teams.