Comet Golfers Take Second Place in Best Meet of the Season

When John Vall approached his shot on hole one after swinging through holes 16, 17, and 18, there were voices echoing in the trees. His drive landed him 15 feet ahead of his golfing party, and his second stroke was smooth and confident as his party tried to engage him in conversation while he lined up his shot. His second shot landed his ball 20 feet from the pin, and as he walked up the slight incline for his third stroke on the par four, John conservatively played for an eight foot put that tapped in the cup while his party marked down another par for the meets top scorer.

John started the day behind, going three over par in his first three holes. With Coach Eric Ewan's words ringing in his ear, to pull back the aggressive swings and play conservatively, John marched his score down to two over on the remaining 15 holes to take first place in the Pebble Lake home meet for the Comets. 

John was on point for the day, knocking down several 10 to 15 foot puts in the conservative approach. It translated to other golfers. Brent Ferenczy felt he was playing from behind, not feeling like he was having a good day on the course. That was until he looked through his scorecard and discovered he had his best day of golfing, shooting a 117 on the day. Joel Quam likewise had his best day, knocking a few strokes off his top game to swing an 88 in chasing Vall, who took the blue ribbon by seven strokes in a dominant performance.

The Comets took second place overall in the guys division on the backs of Ferenczy and Quam's personal bests. The top scores were contagious as Audra Ewan, Augusta Ewan and Kayla Thompson also improved in their overall scores for the season.

Ewan's team continues to make strides in their game, with assistant coach Derrick Clark walking the links with Ewan to remind golfers on their team's approach and to guide students in club selection while addressing the ball. "With the team taking second, that's good. Joel shot his best round of the year, as did Brent. That's why we took second," Ewan noted as he closed out the day with his golfers taking home more hardware as they are learning to approach their game with life coaching, taking care of the little things well in a conservative and steady gameplan.