Hillcrest Closes Classes with Highlight of Chapel Program

Student body chaplain Sam Ihrke walked to the stage after 2018-19 student body chaplain Trevor Antunya finished leading the student body in song. Ihrke's leadership in Hillcrest's chapel program have provided a strong footing for Trevor Antunya  and the Class of 2019 to step confidently into their role of leading the school in faith formation.

When Ihrke took command of the podium he started to unpack the school theme, Square One. Ihrke and chapel coordinator Ryan Garvin spent the year forming chapel to reflect what Ihrke saw as a very important concept for the student body to understand. Namely, that the message of the Gospel is simple, and that it is a whole and complete concept of hope and truth.

Ihrke unpacked the vision to take students through the purpose and role of Creation in the life of all. The purpose and origin of humankind was unveiled for the students throughout the first quarter of the school year, giving a strong perspective of the design and order God created humankind with. 

Ihrke drew special significance to the next movement in the chapel theme. He noted that unless humankind comes to an understanding of the brokenness in the world that there can't be restoration. He drew names of senior students who shared in chapels months before the final chapel. Their messages spoke to the brokenness not only being present in the world, but is also inside the hearts of all in humanity.

Ihrke then called students to consider the reality of the redemption and restoration offered to students through the finished work of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection. In closing out the final moments of the chapel program, Ihrke called students to consider their life and the reality they've engaged in at Hillcrest. His message was a call to all to find themselves living in line with the reality of what they've engaged at Hillcrest Academy.