Bread and Jam Dash Opens Doors For More to Attend HLA

High overhead in a sky dotted with fleecy clouds, a little drone hummed around snapping pictures of hundreds of people milling about the Hillcrest campus below. Many wore matching red T-shirts with entry numbers pinned to the front. Groups of young and old stretched, chatted, and laughed together as they waited for the appointed start of the 5K race. Sweaty, shoeless children climbed in and out of the inflatable bouncy houses and darted in and around the clusters of adults, hands sticky from cotton candy and sweet treats, The air was spiced with the aroma of freshly roasted, candied almonds and a series of folding tables sighed under the weight of donated baked goods for individuals to purchase. This was the first ever Bread & Jam Dash in honor of Diane Ihrke, champion of HLA and mother of students, Sam and Zeke, Diane passed away a year ago and this race was organized in memory of her great big heart and love of feeding the masses, in order to raise money for future Hillcrest student scholarships.

The race attracted participants of every age from babies riding in strollers to octogenarian, Rev. John Kilde. Everyone who took part received a “Medal” which consisted of a tiny loaf of bread and container of homemade jam hanging from a ribbon around their necks.

Over 200 runners registered to take park in the Bread & Jam Run. The goal was to reach a $10,000 threshold to create a named endowment scholarship in memory of Diane Ihrke. Before the runners arrived on Saturday the goal had been reached, with over $15,000 set to go directly to student scholarships.