Lady Comets Outshoot Opponents 30-3 in 6-0 Shutout

It took 25 minutes for the Lady Comets to fill the net after MacKenzie Foss drilled an unassisted shot past the Crookston defender Friday. Foss would round out a hat trick over the next twenty minutes of play, leading the Lady Comets in scoring. Their six goal shutout is a strong step for the Comets this year as they embark on a new season with new faces filling the field.

The Comet volleyball team saw the first two of Foss' goals as they watched their setter establish a firm pace on the field. Foss is a dual-sport fall athlete, who participates in both volleyball and soccer, giving numbers and athleticism to both squads.

Foss' hat trick was met with a pair of goals from fellow returner Kindra Peterson. Kindra travels to Hillcrest each day to join the Comets in a cooperative soccer offering between Underwood and Hillcrest. The Junior captain is picking up where she left off last year, scoring two unassisted goals after Foss' three goals in the 58th and 78th minutes. 

With the game well in hand, senior midfielder Ketty Akselson, joining the Comets for her senior year with special connection to the Hillcrest community through her parents and grandparents, scored in the 80th minute to round out the scoring column. 

Juliana Undseth and Autumn Mattfeld combined for three saves. Most of their day was spent staring at the back of the Comet uniforms as they attacked the Crookston net relentlessly.

The Comets look to another difficult match up in facing the Otters tonight at 7pm at Otter Stadium.