Big Boss Monday Kicks Off in Economics

A round of applause follows Ryan Garvin’s introduction of Daryl Synstelien. Bashfully smiling he lays out what he brought for the class, who hold pencils in ready position as they prepare to take notes. “Know and understand what you’re going to do, that’s the first thing I want to bring to you today."

Synstelien starts by outlining his talk. Having owned three businesses, two in steady operation today, Synstelien paints a picture of what led him to success in owning a business.

He starts down the depth of his program giving a caveat to the kind of student he was in school. He says he likely would have difficulty paying attention to what he is presenting if he were a student. But he implores the classroom to take to heart what they’re studying, because knowing the structure and function of the field of study or work they will be in is imperative.

He then encourages students to prepare to make mistakes, and that they should be ok with that. He speaks to grace in the moment, knowing that they need to take some risks in their growth. He urges students not to punish themselves if something doesn’t go well, saying that those responses can make a person paralyzed from engaging in other opportunities.

He closes the loop on his presentation by teaching the students how to learn more every day. He shares stories of regulation, something that surprised him in his fledgling days as a businessman. His interaction with the official seems tense as he describes the delicate situation where he is confronted with a rule he wasn’t aware of but that is going to impede his growth. His response is to ask the official how he should’ve prepared for the regulation as a businessman. His words of being a learner are put into practice. His closes the story with a smirk, saying that he has a few stories where the official reverses course and explains how Daryl operated inside the rules of the law.

Students close the time with questions. They ask about his businesses, what was the most surprising things he encountered. Synstelien shares how he stepped back from operating his main business, giving him time to explore the things he loves as he encourages his operations officer.

The bell rings with students closing in thanks and applause. Mr. Garvin gives a few assignment reminders for the students who will spend the opening of the next day in reflection of the presentation, using notes as a guide for their thoughts. Big Boss Monday brings in business leaders from the community nearly every Monday to share their experiences and thoughts as the class builds a Biblical view of economics.

Wayne StenderComment