Bread and Jams Breaks Winter Lull Through Active Mentorship

Creating a culture of caring--that is what we are about at HLA and this was the subject of our most recent Bread & Jams Girls Event. Girls in pajama pants and slippers gathered in family group clusters on blankets and pillows on the chapel floor fostering a slumber party-ish atmosphere. Such venues lend themselves to deeper levels of comfort and vulnerability and that is just what happened. Many of the girls had brought along their knitting, currently all the rage in the girls dorm. Others helped themselves to warm bread and hot beverages from a cocoa/coffee bar at the back of the room.

The focal point of the room was a whiteboard and three high stools at the front holding three respected Christian counselors from the community. They were there to answer questions and encourage honest conversation among the girls. They spoke to questions such as:

-What do I do if I feel like there is a lull in my faith?

-What is the definition of talking behind someone’s back and is it always wrong?

-It is hard for me to open up to others. How do I find someone I can talk to?

The women encouraged students to:

-Work on building community in the dorms and at school. Be real, speak the truth, but look for the best in one another--to support rather than compete and compare. Build a culture of kindness.

-Spend time praying with your Bible open. Pray God’s word and notice how it changes what you pray for!

-Find an adult you can trust to mentor you. Look for someone who can help you grow in your faith and relationships and hold you accountable to the changes you want to make.

Women helping women is a godly ambition; to help the young women we’ve been entrusted with to see themselves as created in God’s image, uniquely gifted to connect with others and bring glory to God!

Dawn SynstelienComment