Comets Earn Unheard Of Award Total In Visual Arts Contest

15 Hillcrest art pieces held a superior sticker next to their display at Alexandria Technical College after the 2019 MSHSL Visual Arts Festival in March. Hillcrest students submitted 17 pieces by 12 students, with an amazing four students earning the best in category at the regional art competition. That many awards held by one school is nearly unheard of. It’s a testimony to students excelling in Hillcrest classrooms.

An art department is proud of a handful of superior ratings, bringing home one or two best in category distinctions is also a good day for an art department. Hillcrest art teacher Gaylen Peterson could hardly hide the smile from his students, who displayed incredible prowess in their fields, ranging from painting and photography to digital art and graphic design.

Sylvia Venberg earned two of Hillcrest’s four best in category awards from the art competition. Her painting, titled Process, was one of the most vivid displays at the entire show. Kyle Tran’s photography piece Caroline was one of the most captivating. Tran also earned a best in category for graphic design, a discipline he picked up this year as the chief editor of the Beacon, Hillcrest’s yearbook.

Seven pieces were on display at the Lakes Area Arts Council. The pieces on display were: Self-Portrait–Rakel Åmland, Ambience–Vy Pham, Caroline–Kyle Tran, Copacetic–Sylvia Venberg, Process–Sylvia Venberg, Hugo & Jake–Sylvia Venberg, and Wear It Well–Mareyn Veum.